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" I just completed 3 months of training at Refined.  I am very happy with the results I am getting and renewed for another 24 sessions.  I was new to HIIT training and strength training but thanks to Josh, my first trainer, and now Chris,  I am committed to sticking with the program. Chris keeps me focused on my goals and everyone at the gym is always friendly and supportive. Thank you, too, Jeanette!"

~Tish A.

"As a senior citizen with balance issues I was afraid of falling. Increasingly frustrated that this was my new normal, I made an appointment with Jeannette at Refined Personal Training. She was very personable and the facility was clean and inviting. I love their format. There is no crowd of people working out, it is just trainer and client. Josh became my trainer; based on his fitness evaluation of me, he creates exercises which challenge me but fit my abilities. I am not only strengthening weak muscles but focusing on moving my body correctly. This will give me a solid foundation that will support me whether going for a walk or engaging in future exercise endeavors. I see improvements in only 3 weeks. Having worked with other trainers, I consider Josh to be an exceptional trainer and fitness coach. He's personable, experienced, and knowledgeable, not just in exercise technique but in whole body wellness--mindset, motivation, mindful eating. Under his guidance I look forward to the new me--stronger, fitter, thinner. Definitely recommend this outstanding personal training studio." 


"My trainer Josh is amazing!  I'm new to personal training and my sessions in Henderson have been incredibly helpful.  He pushes me and encourages me to do much more than I would do on my own and his deep knowledge of different techniques maximizes the benefit from the training.  He passes along his knowledge to help with my home workouts too.  The facility is super clean and has all the latest equipment.  I'm a busy professional and my sessions with Josh have been a life changer.  I highly recommend it."

~Tim B

"I’ve worked with quite a few personal trainers over the years and my experience at Refined Personal Training has been the absolute best. From my very first session, I knew that I had people on my team that were dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. Over the seven months that I worked with Josh, I lost 30 lbs and gained some much needed muscle. In addition to losing weight, I was given the tools and knowledge to create my own workouts so that exercise can continue to be a part of my daily life (they’re pretty big on that 😆). Refined Personal Training is the best place if you are looking for excellent trainers, personalized workouts, education, and an all around good sweaty time. Take it from me (a person that hated exercise), I looked forward to coming to my sessions and being challenged. I know you will too! “ 

~Ty C.

" LOVE this place which says a lot because I HATE working out! I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with Refined so far. I just started with them and really feel like they are genuinely there to help you get to your goals no matter where you’re at or want to be. Josh is very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to understanding the body and how it moves. I’m a disabled veteran who has struggled for years trying to find exercises that won’t cause further damage to my back. Josh takes his time and listens to me and my experiences and has tailored our sessions around building myself back up, and I mean that physically and mentally.  If you’re reading this review and on the fence about contacting them, do yourself a favor and do it. I highly recommend them and will be a client throughout my weight loss/fitness journey and probably beyond." 


"If you’re looking for a place that is both professional and positive/versatile in their approach, you need to try working with Jeannette and Josh at Refined. Jeanette’s skill and expertise made a huge difference in my come back to the gym (had to take a lot break due to illness) and being active again. She made sure my moves were executed with proper posture and at the right pace for my progress. In addition to the expertise, her positive attitude contributed to me staying motivated and wanting to continue working out to reach my goals. Thank you for your attention to detail and support! The facility is very clean, inviting,organized, and well equipped."

-Liliana H

"My very first encounter with fitness was with Jeannette many many years ago and the way she treated me has always stuck with me.  I found out she moved to Chicago but I continued to follow her on her social sites---and I loved the work both Josh and Jeannette were doing in the fitness world.  I visited their new location here in Las Vegas, and the site is beautiful and welcoming.  With my past history with Jeannette I know how motivating and transparent she is, together with Josh they bring a dynamic approach to health and fitness.  I know I'll be cared for with regards to my fitness goals, and I'm excited for this new partnership with Refined!"

-Delsa L

"I cannot thank Jeanette and Josh enough for what they've helped me achieve in the 4 years I've trained with them and their team in Chicago.  When I first started, I was out of shape and new to personal training.  Josh and Jeannette both took the time to get to know me and match me with trainers that were compatible to my needs and goals.  I've had the pleasure to work with several trainers either one on one or in bootcamps and everyone was genuinely invested in my health, positive and supportive, and enjoyed working together.  I credit their team for getting me in the best shape of my life  before my first pregnancy, during, and post-natal.  In fact, I lost all 40 lbs of weight I gained and an additional 5 lbs extra!  Not only did their team help me develop confidence and achieve my goals, but they cultivated a strong foundation of fitness fundamentals that I take with me wherever I go.  I actually enjoy and look forward to working out on my own nowadays!

When you're ready to make meaningful life changes to your health, I strongly recommend checking out Refined Personal Training and what Jeannette and Josh's team can help you achieve."

-Erica L 

"Clients looking for RESULTS or trainers looking for an employer who creates the DREAM environment for those in the industry that have surpassed the corporate route; REFINED is the place for you! Jeannette and Josh have designed an ideal destination for individuals serious about results but also looking for a supportive community that extends outside of the gym walls. Could not recommend this place enough!!"

-Brian O

"I spent four years of my life with the team behind REFINED. Both Josh and Jeannette are pros. My journey with Josh was worth every penny. I came to them in the most skinny/fat condition possible, and within the first few weeks, my body was changing drastically, my confidence was boosted ten-fold and for the first time in 32 years, I was focused on my health not just how I looked and enjoyed the process. Josh pushed me when I wanted to quit. He gave me the tools I needed to maintain all of the hard work I put in when training together wasn't possible. Beyond being an incredible trainer and fitness coach, he became my friend. I'd recommend this team to anyone looking to make a change in their fitness, health and wellness. With them, the sky is the limit!"

-Mike S

"So excited for Jeannette & Josh and Refined.  They have a proven track record of creating a personal training studio with an outstanding team of professionals and happy, fit clients!  Both have significant years of experience in the fitness industry and know what it takes to create an environment that focuses on reaching individual goals within a supportive community.   They share a deep appreciation for their clients and improving their health and fitness.  Absolutely recommend this dynamic team!"

-Meghan P

" I trained with Josh for over five years and had I not moved out of state I would still be training with him today. In our time together Josh taught me to box as well as developed a standard of excellence when it came to fitness. After my first year of college Josh helped me drop my freshman 40 (yes 40 pounds!). In addition to providing great fitness instruction Josh and Jeanette were personally invested in my personal development, provided nutrition advice and were always there to help when I needed it. I guarantee that you will not come across any owners who are more caring and determined than Josh and Jeanette. Make the right decision and Refine your life at Refined Personal Training!"

-Sam R

"Refined Personal Training is THE place to help you achieve your goals.  I am a personal trainer who had the privilege of working for Josh and Jeannette for 3 years, and they are the dream team.  The morale among the team and the clients is beyond amazing.  They only hire trainers who know exactly how to help clients' achieve their goals, but more importantly, they deeply (and personally) care about their trainers AND their clients.  As a trainer, I always felt valued and appreciated by Jeannette & Josh.  I speak for my clients, but I know that they felt at-home and taken care of while being trained.  If we weren't living in different cities, I would still work for them!  I highly encourage you to consider Refined Personal Training to help you achieve your personal goals."

-Sarah G

"My wife and I trained with Josh and Jeannette's team for 4 years and cannot say enough about how positive the experience was.

Josh and Jeannette are both extremely involved with all their clients and are always around and checking in to ensure clients are getting what they are looking for out of a personal training experience. They make sure to get to know new client's goals and pair them with a trainer who's strengths match said goals.

In training with Josh he always kept working out engaging and fun and made an effort to vary the exercises we did. He tailored the workout to focus on what my current goals were whether preparing for an upcoming soccer season, training for a race, or looking to build strength.

Overall I greatly enjoyed my time working out with Josh and Jeannette's team and would strongly recommend their gym to anyone of all levels"

-Andrew K

"I spent years training with Josh at the last gym he and Jeannette ran, and it was the best training experience I could ever hope to have.  The culture of the place is perfect: very supportive but also very motivating.  Everyone feels welcome - all body types, all experience - but you definitely work and get results.  After a few months with Josh I was in the best shape of my life, and on top of that, I actually looked forward to training. They work hard to tailor the programs to each individual, and they really pay attention to your body, ability, and personality.  Their clients are going to be very happy to have this place in the area."

-Stephan S.

Personal Training in Henderson and Las Vegas Area.

Personal Training in Henderson and Las Vegas Area.