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These days fitness goers can be intimidated by large crowds or feel judged when entering certain fitness environments. At Refined we look to assist you to become the best possible YOU, not anyone else. All lifestyles are welcome! Check Out our client’s heart-warming testimonials, on how Refined has helped them with their fitness journey.

This is, BY FAR, the best gym I've ever been to!! In addition, I've had several trainers over the years and I can honestly say that Beau is the absolute best I've ever worked with. I feel like I'm visiting a friend a few days a week. However, he kicks my butt when I need it. Since last July I have lost 36 pounds, put on muscle and lost most of the fat I didn't need. The nutritional advice has been immeasurable and the workouts epic. I've also worked out with Josh and Bus and they are both awesome. Overall, if I could give Refined 10 stars I would. I HIGHLY recommend this gym and the amazing trainers.

Jimmy Lovinggood

The Truth... "Outstanding" hardly does this facility justice. I'm a mid 50's former professional Race Driver with the occasional paid seat still...that was until roughly three years ago. A lengthy health challenge and the ensuing atrophy took me out from behind the wheel competitively...more for my safety than anything else. I couldn't easily and quickly get out of a (hypothetical) burning car. My "Unicorn" better half was also saddled with the mind of an adventurous adolescent and the body of a Geriatric Patient. We both refused to roll-over and play dead......

Scott Mann

Working out eight Kelly Miethe has been a pleasure. She listens to your needs and where you are at in your health journey and creates a plan to help you reach your goals. She is knowledgeable about all things pregnancy and postpartum related. Kelly put me at ease and made me feel Comfortable as I was very much a beginner at working out. You won’t regret choosing her to help guide you in your journey.

Rosa Montez

I’ve been working with Sam for several months now and it has been a great experience. I have learned so much from him. From technique, nutrition, home work out options to music trivia. It is always fun, even when he makes me work hard.

Carolyn Roy

I LOVE this place! Let me start with the owners Josh and Jeanette, they are absolutely wonderful. I explained my health and fitness goals to them and they set me up with Michelle who has been the best fit for me. Michelle is amazing! Not only am I physically stronger but I am mentally stronger too. I feel more confident and happier since I have been training with her. She has also taught me exercises I’m able to do at home. Refined Personal Training is a great place if you are looking for knowledgeable one-on-one training. The gym is super clean and everyone is so welcoming. I’m extremely thankful for this place and the people who have been so encouraging to me in my fitness journey.

Stacy Romanowski

I absolutely love working out at Refined! Training with Michelle has been the best experience, and all the staff are so nice and make you feel really welcome. The gym is great and always clean, and I always leave my sessions feeling great! They are some of the best work outs I have ever had and I am so thankful for Michelle and Refined! 20/10 recommend 🙂


I did not expect to feel comfortable working in a gym environment. When I came in initially I spoke with Jeannette and Josh (the owners) who could have not have been more kind. I expressed my concerns and my goals with them. They put me with a trainer, Beau, who has made me 200% happy to come in and do the work every session. I am happier and becoming more confident in myself as well as in my strength. Refined Fitness has made a measurable difference in myself so far, I can’t wait to see what comes from more time & work with them. If you have any doubts, this is the team for you 💪

Will Bruce

Working with Josh has been life changing. Josh has a deep and profound understanding of how the body works, and has been able to structure my training/workouts in a way that doesn't negatively impact my existing weaknesses and limitations. I have gained strength and confidence with someone who understands my injuries/problem areas, as well coaches me in a way that motivates me to want to be better, stronger, and take control of my body. I actually enjoy working out now! My strength has improved immensely in just 6 weeks and I'm able to do things I haven't done in over two years. I'm more energized, I feel stronger.....

Alissa Metge

Definitely recommended! I’ve been training with Chase and I guarantee he’s one of the best trainers I’ve ever trained! Chase is very attentive and pays attention to all the questions/details you have during the training. Each session is getting more challenging and harder, but at the same time it makes you feel so good about yourself and stronger. Not just your physical condition but your mental is at your best too. And if you are looking for a clean facility with less crowds, this is it. At Refined, you can tell the staff here takes everything about the cleanliness (especially with COVID-19 going on right now ) seriously. Plus the atmosphere is friendly...I feel really welcomed here.

Supittha Bunyapen

My trainer Josh is amazing! I'm new to personal training and my sessions in Henderson have been incredibly helpful. He pushes me and encourages me to do much more than I would do on my own and his deep knowledge of different techniques maximizes the benefit from the training. He passes along his knowledge to help with my home workouts too. The facility is super clean and has all the latest equipment. I'm a busy professional and my sessions with Josh have been a life changer. I highly recommend it.

Tim Bremer

Josh and the staff at Refined Personal Training have helped me go from completely deconditioned with little confidence, to feeling much stronger and aware of my movements. I really appreciate the positive, friendly atmosphere and the individual focus. They also understand injuries or traumas and are good at working to heal the issue. And during covid, I had complete trust in the cleanliness and care put into their facility.

Annie Gilliland

If you’re looking for a place that is both professional and positive/versatile in their approach, you need to try working with Jeannette and Josh at Refined. Jeanette’s skill and expertise made a huge difference in my come back to the gym (had to take a lot break due to illness) and being active again. She made sure my moves were executed with proper posture and at the right pace for my progress. In addition to the expertise, her positive attitude contributed to me staying motivated and wanting to continue working out to reach my goals. Thank you for your attention to detail and support! The facility is very clean, inviting,organized, and well equipped.

Liliana H

I LOVE this place which says a lot because I HATE working out! I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with Refined so far. I just started with them and really feel like they are genuinely there to help you get to your goals no matter where you’re at or want to be. Josh is very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to understanding the body and how it moves. I’m a disabled veteran who has struggled for years trying to find exercises that won’t cause further damage to my back. Josh takes his time and listens to me and my experiences and has tailored our sessions around building myself back up, and I mean that physically and mentally. If you’re reading this review and on the fence about contacting them, do yourself a favor and do it. I highly recommend them and will be a client throughout my weight loss/fitness journey and probably beyond.


The trainers at Refined Personal Training are highly knowledgeable. They address your particular strengths and limitations with respect to your goals and customize your workouts accordingly. I have benefited greatly over the past 7 months from their approach- I thought my hip and knee pain were permanent limitations- however they addressed strengthening the muscles around the joints, and now my strength and agility have increased enornously and my joint pain is gone- I highly recommend the personal training offered here

lisa cousins

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