Refined Training Center

Our spacious 3,600 sqft facility is located in Henderson in the Eastern Ridge Plaza on Eastern Ave, just minutes away from the Anthem, Seven Hills, and Inspirada communities. Our facility features four separate service rooms to meet every client’s fitness needs. Here At Refined, Our Clients Receive An Elevated Experience With Our Premier Personal Training Facility

Refined Personal Trainers hold nationally recognized certifications and degrees to design tailored programs safely and efficiently. Team Refined offers One on One Private Training, Yoga, Life, and Nutrition Counseling. With years of success and experience, Team Refined specializes in Weight-Loss Management, Corrective Exercise, Injury Prevention, Sports Conditioning, Strength and Agility Training, Resistance Training, Recovery and Stretching, Pre/Post Natal, Boxing, Senior Fitness and Teen Programs Servicing all fitness levels ages 12 and up.

Personal Training is a fast growing industry. There are many great Trainers that keep the standards high. However, we understand that some clients have been burned in the past by unprofessional trainers and coaches . At Refined it’s your stage ,not ours. Our job as your hired coach is to service you to the best of our ability. You can count on us!

Over the last 10 years fitness trends have become very extreme. Trendier workouts can be a ton of fun but detrimental to the joints and muscles if done incorrectly. Trainers today are seeing clients with more “gym injuries” than sports injuries. Building a solid foundation is key before partaking in more extreme workouts. Our goal is to get you to your goal safely, so that you develop an understanding of your own body. Once this is achieved, your possibilities are infinite!

Coaches are here to push you physically and are also there to make sure you’re having a healthy relationship with fitness and nutrition. Some fitness journeys can be trying on clients. We are here for you to keep you in a positive mindset about your health! TRUST THE PROCESS!